Mesoscopic lightweight construction with hexagonal honeycombs

Lattice and honeycomb structures
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  • Design of lattice and honeycomb structures for additive manufacturing under the bionic approach of force-optimized adaptation
  • Increased competitiveness through constructions based on lightweight construction principles
  • Mass savings and reduction of energy consumption during operation
  • Ecological and economical handling of raw materials
  • High-strength lightweight construction with honeycomb structure due to the highest compressive load on the honeycomb with a minimum core weight
  • Use in sandwich structures
  • Add-on for Siemens NX to create free-form surfaces



Mesoscopic lightweight construction with hexagonal honeycombs


F. Riß; Count Grafen; J. Reich; J. Schilp: Stress-tolerant design of sandwich components for additive production. RapidTech. 2014.


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