Space applications - platinum-rhodium combustion chamber

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  • Special materials in aerospace are mandatory
  • Additive manufacturing offers new potential for the implementation of functionally optimized designs
  • Combustion chamber of Pt-Rh 80-20
  • Procedure: Powder selection and qualification, parameter development for the application of a Pt alloy for AM, production of a demonstrator component, component hot test
  • Successful performance of a hot test of the AM combustion chamber at Airbus in Lampoldshausen
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Transfer to other Pt alloys



Construction of a platinum-rhodium combustion chamber


F. Riß, D. Jaschik: Einsatz der Additiven Fertigung zur Herstellung von Brennkammern und Düsen aus Edelmetallen für Satellitentriebwerke, Rapid.Tech, 2015.


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