CerAMics - Functional combination of ceramics and metals

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Metals and technical ceramics have different material properties.  Typically ceramics possess a high hardness and a low conductivity. Thus they are used as isolators or as wear protection. Metals on the other hand are ductile and conductors.

Therefore a combination of both materials is advantageous in different areas (power electronics, sensors, energy technology).

Using an additive manufacturing process and the developed methods and system components from the Fraunhofer IGCV, it is possible to handle different materials in a single process.

In the CerAMics project it was shown that it is possible to process the material combination metal-ceramic.

Innovative powder applying procedures, devised by the Fraunhofer IGCV, were used.





Anstaett, Christine; Seidel, Christian (2016): Multi-Material Processing. Next step in laser-based powder bed fusion. In: Laser Technik Journal (4), zuletzt geprüft am 16.11.2016


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