Fraunhofer DDMC 2014

Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference 2014

Organized by the Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, the event is a cutting-edge forum for discussion on Additive Manufacturing, including its application in industry and the environmental impact of such new manufacturing technologies. Impact on health, sustainability and technology will also be discussed.

From March 12-13, 2014 DDMC will bring together researchers, educators and practitioners from around the world and foster an atmosphere conducive to developing new ideas and refining already existing research developments.

The Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference 2014 will take place in the exciting city of Berlin, Germany! The conference venue, the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm, combines the qualities of a top-notch conference center with amenities of a first-class hotel.

DDMC 2014 conference program

SCOPE – Encouraging dialogue Purpose of the Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference is an intellectual exchange between researchers, enterprises and users of Additive Manufacturing technologies in order to gather the latest information about trends, progress, importance and the future potential of these technologies.

Innovations must lead to sustainable research and production through attractive products and services that are accepted by society and adopted by end-users.

FOCUS - Dedicated to progress
How can we bring about application and system innovations?
How can we improve quality and market penetration?
What can be done for innovation for different sectors?
How can higher education facilitate innovation practices?

THEMES - Range of services in appropriate format
1. Design, virtual environments and simulation
2. Laser based Additive Manufacturing technologies
3. Micro technologies, printing and deposition
4. Novel materials and compounds
5. Application toward manufacturing
6. Quality methods for Additive Manufacturing
7. Additive Manufacturing for mass customization
8. Sustainable manufacturing and carbon foot print

DDMC 2014

March 12-13, 2014
Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm, Berlin

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