Studies and Analysis

Methodical analysis and systematic studies

Cost pressure in companies should not adversely affect quality – it is more important to distribute and use existing resources. In order to use existing resources more efficiently, experts at the Fraunhofer Institutes analyze your technical requirements and consider all market-based ancillary conditions.

Committed to progress

Based on thorough market observations, sound eco-analyses and individual feasibility studies, you will receive concrete solutions considering specific requirements of your industry and your company. Even before a cost-intensive implementation, you can identify and prevent risks at an early stage. Your progress is our task.

Additive manufacturing: Guidelines for metal 3D printing

Additive manufacturing offers almost unlimited freedom in the design of parts to optimize their functionality - it offers the possibility to produce shapes and designs that are not feasible with conventional manufacturing technologies. Design optimization can be achieved by reducing weight, incorporating internal features or reducing the need to assemble individual components. The efficient use of AM technologies requires a rethinking of 3D design, which is currently still a barrier, especially for small and medium-sized companies in the metal industry. Advantages and possibilities as well as limitations of additive manufacturing must be known in order to pave the way for successful commercialization and make the method a competitive production process.

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