ProFex - Process chain for the production of highly complex turbine parts

Highly complex turbine parts
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Integration of additive technologies in the manufacturing of highly stressed producer goods like turbine components.

Focus areas:

  • Identification of the quality-relevant manufacturing conditions
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Development of strategies for robust production (condition monitoring)
  • Research of suitable post processing technologies, e.g. shot blasting, flow and slide grinding
  • Test of manufactured parts in working operation


Industry-adaptable process chain for the additive manufacturing of highly complex turbine components, e.g. turbine blades and burners made of Inconel 718.



E. Uhlmann et al.: Flexible manufacturing with an additive process chain. Design, production and surface finish. In: ASPE 2015 Spring Topical Meeting. Proceedings : April 26-29, 2015,



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