Additively manufactured hydrogen combustion chamber

3D-printed micro-mixing combustion head
© Fraunhofer IPT
3D-printed micro-mixing combustion head, a component of the MMX combustion chamber

In an research project, the FH Aachen, the Fraunhofer IPT and Präwest GmbH have produced a prototype of an additively manufactured hydrogen combustion chamber. What makes it special is the design of the combustion chamber: The patented MicroMix process uses many small flames compared to conventional combustion processes with a few large flames. This new design significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) to the level of fossil combustion. The plug-and-play design enables an exchange of the fosil combustion chamber by the new MMX-Chamber without any hardware adoptions on the existing turbomachine, thus allows a short term solution to the energy sector to achive the paris clima pledge goals.


Video: Additively manufactured hydrogen combustion chamber

Press release: Fraunhofer IPT, FH Aachen and Präwest produce new hydrogen combustion chamber design using 3D printing:



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