Build-up strategies for additive manufacturing

Additively manufactured net-shaped parts
© Fraunhofer IPK

Additive manufacturing with LMD allows the production of near net-shaped parts. However any slight irregularity in one layer can add up with time and result in component deviations.

At Fraunhofer IPK we developed build-up strategies that result in a constant build process.

We could prove the transferability of build-up strategies for different materials.

These insights allow for a faster strategies development for more geometries, e.g. the connection area of a worn out gas turbine burner.



iLaP (BMBF 03WKP51B2), ProFex (FhG LCE)


Petrat, T.; Graf, B.; Gumenyuk, A.; Rethmeier, M.: Laser metal deposition as repair technology for a gas turbine burner made of Inconel 718, LANE 2016, Physics Procedia 83, p. 761 - 768.

Torsten Petrat, T.; Graf, B.; Gumenyuk, A.; Rethmeier, M.: Strategies to achieve constant build-up with laser metal deposition, 13th Rapid.Tech Conference Erfurt, Germany, 2016, p. 49 - 60


Fraunhofer IPK, Torsten Petrat,