GenFly - Additive manufacturing of lightweight components

Additively manufactured lightweight components
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Development of the beam melting technologies LBM and EBM for the material Ti-6Al-4V to maturity stage TRL 5+

The work packages of Fraunhofer IFAM comprise the areas of powder, construction and component manufacturing.

Important results include:

  • Development of powder specifications for LBM and EBM
  • Adaptation of a component for Additive Manufacturing by means of topology optimization with regard to weight and  part integration





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A. Kirchner, B. Kloeden, T. Weissgaerber, B. Kieback, Powders for Additive Manufacturing, Proceedings WorldPM 2016, ISBN: 978-1-899072-48-4


Fraunhofer IFAM, Dr. Alexander Kirchner,