Laser-based processes

Current developments

Manufacture of metallic implants

Due to the almost unlimited geometric freedom in design and manufacturing and in combination with new materials, implant production by additive manufacturing is becoming more and more important. The potential to simulate bone formation by means of complex internal component structures and thus save weight while maintaining mechanical strength is almost unique. Examples of the growing range of materials include proven, biocompatible light metal alloys based on titanium (Ti6Al4V) as well as well-known CoCr-based materials. In combination with new design philosophies and simulation techniques, new approaches for products - such as implants with integrated reservoirs for long-term medication - are emerging.

Our services

Laser and process development increase productivity and quality

 This is where we develop additive manufacturing processes such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM): Metallic and ceramic components respectively tools are produced by using SLM as a rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing process.

The work of the institutes of the competence field includes process engineering, physical and material science basics, modelling to support and optimize process development and the development of components for beam guidance and shaping, for powder feed and for process monitoring and control. In addition, complete pilot plants are developed and installed.