EffF3D - Efficient functionalization of 3D-formed thin glass

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New tool system for fast surface structuring: ultrashort pulse laser and polygon scanner significantly reduce processing time.

In the research project "EffF3D - Efficient functionalization of 3D-formed thin glass," we are developing a cost-effective process chain for the mass production of functionalized thin glass. This glass is used, for example, in high-quality vehicle interiors such as center consoles, rear-view mirrors and speedometer units.


Our innovative process chain is based on two technological pillars: laser structuring of glass blanks and non-isothermal glass forming. When our process is compared to conventional processes, we reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by over 60% in each case. We can also completely dispense with the use of harmful chemicals. The new method is also expected to be around 50% cheaper than conventional processes.

© Fraunhofer IPT
The glass blanks are provided with haptic, hydrophobic and optical functions of different size scaling.

In the first phase of the project, we are focusing on the laser structuring of the glass blanks. By using an ultra-short pulse laser and ultra-fast scanning systems, we are significantly accelerating the structuring process. To compensate for distortions during the molding process, we are developing a digital model in collaboration with our project partner ModuleWorks. This model serves as the basis for the path planning of the laser system. In the next step, the structured semi-finished glass products are molded. Our aim is to achieve a cycle time of less than 100 seconds per glass component.





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