VITAMINE_5G: VR environment for decentralized process monitoring

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What happens inside a machine during production? Is it necessary to intervene to prevent production errors? And how can several systems at different locations be monitored and controlled simultaneously, even if the operator is not physically on site?

In the research project "VITAMINE_5G– Virtual reality environment for Additive Manufacturing enabled by 5G," we are developing a decentralized monitoring method that makes it possible to monitor and control several systems at different locations simultaneously. Our aim is to create a virtual reality environment in which sensor and machine data from the production process is visualized almost in real time. We have chosen the additive manufacturing process "laser metal deposition with wire" (LMD-w) as an example application.

Various sensors were integrated into an LMD-w system for this purpose, which now continuously records process data during production. This data is stored in a cloud, processed, visualized and transferred to the VR environment that is being developed as part of the project. Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the 5G-Industry Campus Europe in Aachen, data transmission and processing is extremely fast and virtually instantaneous.





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