MMAM-Flow/Multi-material AM of advanced flow probes

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The picture shows the final demonstrator manufactured in PBF-LB for the MMAM-Flow project. A flow probe and a section of the probe with printed thermocouples can be seen.

In the research project MMAM-Flow --Multi-material additive manufacturing of advanced flow probes --flow probes with integrated thermocouples were printed using multi-material processing in laser powder bed fusion . The project, funded by the EU under the Eurostars program, focused on the design, material selection, and technology development for multi-material processing. The aim was to process three materials in PBF-LB, two nickel alloys, and a ceramic, to enable the build-up of the component and sensors in a single process step. Advantages compared to conventional sensor technology are in particular the simplified integration of the thermocouples into the interior of the component and the shortened process chain. The focus at Fraunhofer IGCV (Germany) was on material selection and qualification, while Vectoflow GmbH (Germany) worked on the design of the multi-material flow probe and Aerosint SA (Belgium) on the development of a three-material application mechanism.



Christopher Singer, Matthias Schmitt, Georg Schlick, Johannes Schilp,

Multi-material additive manufacturing of thermocouples by laser-based powder bed fusion,

Procedia CIRP, Volume 112, 2022, Pages 346-351, ISSN 2212-8271,



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