Additively manufactured aircraft component optimized for lightweight construction

Metallic component of aircraft cargo door
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A metallic structural component of an aircraft cargo door is optimized with regards to lightweight construction.

A number of techniques were used for a robust and resistent design of the component relevant to safety.

Guidelines for the additive design and additive process were developed.

Test specimens were constructed, manufactured, and mechanically inspected for the development of process-specific guidelines.

A design method was developed, which can effectively implement the simulation results and bionic design in a conventional CAD environment

Furthermore, the method allows for the implementation of process-specific guidelines in the conventional CAD environment.



Hoschke, K. (2016). Topology and Shape Optimization with hybrid CAD design for Additive Manufacturing. NAFEMS Seminar - Exploring the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing (2016), Konferenzbeitrag


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