Software and simulation

Make additive methods calculable, control additive methods

Additive manufacturing is closely linked to the digital control of the manufacturing process: Components are manufactured directly on the basis of a digital representation. The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing develops algorithms to control additive manufacturing processes, for example to specifically design the optical properties of components, or to simulate individual process steps, e.g. to derive measures to reduce residual stresses and distortion.

Project examples of the research topic Software and Simulation


Numerical simulation of powder spreading

Optimization of shape distortions during additive manufacturing

SimGen - Residual stresses and warpage in stereolithography

SIMCHAIN - Local properties of additive manufactured parts

Bionic Manufacturing

Cuttlefish - Voxel-based, streaming-enabled 3D printer driver

Simulating with subdivision volumes

Graded segmentation of components in PBF-LB/M