Lightweight construction of gear wheels using PBF-LB/M

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Procedure for the bionic lightweight optimisation of gears

Lightweight construction offers the possibility of reducing the masses and moments of inertia to be accelerated in the construction and manufacturing of gear wheels. This can improve resource efficiency and increase the performance of these parts.

In this project, production parameters for laser powder bed fusion are developed and optimized concerning the achievable component density and surface quality. The mechanical properties determined are all within the range of conventionally produced 16MnCr5 and indicate excellent material properties for gear production.

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Gear wheel with a bionic lightweight structure made of 16MnCr5, manufactured using laser beam melting

The lightweight optimization is done using software-supported methods, such as topology optimization. On the other hand, methods of bionic optimization, which transfer solutions from nature into technical components, are used. Both approaches are employed to develop gears that have the potential to reduce the mass by up to 35%.



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