MADE-3D - Multi-Material Design using 3D Printing

The picture shows the Computational Approach in the project MADE-3D

As part of an international team of experts, Fraunhofer IGCV is conducting research into the production of higher-performance and lighter multi-material components: within the project "MADE-3D" (Multi-Material Design using 3D Printing) the scientists investigate how the advantages of components made of combined materials can be transferred to industrial applications in the automotive industry as well as aerospace. The project has received around 6.7 million euros of funding for the next three and a half years as part of the European Union's “Horizon Europe 2022” program.

In the "MADE-3D" project, Fraunhofer IGCV researchers will manufacture test specimens and demonstrators from aluminum and copper alloys at the institute's own powder bed fusion facilities and examine how such material composites can be implemented in a high-quality manner. In addition, they will investigate how multi-material AM processes can be improved so that they are faster, more stable, and use less powder. The question of how powder can be efficiently reprocessed will also occupy the team.




M.Sc. Christopher Singer,, +49 821 90 678 330.

Dr.-Ing. Georg Schlick,, +49 821 90678-179