From material to component with system

Materials research provides answers to current questions in the fields of energy, health, mobility, information and communication technologies, construction and housing. Modern lightweight construction materials save costs and energy, ceramic micro fuel cells supply electronic devices, and new materials made from renewable resources help to protect the environment.

In the field of additive manufacturing, the institutes of the Competence Field focus on the development of new materials, technology-specific material adaptation and production as well as the generation of desired product properties with the following materials:

  • metals: steels, titanium and aluminum,
  • ceramics: oxides, carbides, silicates and bioactive ceramics as well as
  • plastics: polymers and thermoplastic materials. 

In addition, the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing offers you individually adapted materials for your applications, individual processes and entire process chains - also considering conventional technologies.

Project examples of the research topic Materials


New materials for selective laser sintering

Design of functional materials

Bioprinting - Additive production of artificial tissue

µForm - Additive manufacturing of form electrodes

Process development for additive multi-material fabrication

Printable Biomaterials

TiAlCharger - Process development for additive manufacturing

Comparison of 3D printing and metal injection molding

Manufacturing of resorbable implants by means of LPBF

Processing of steels by means of LPBF

Attract group green²ICT

Processing of tool steels by Metal Binder Jetting

PBF-LB/M Powder kit

Shape Memory Polymers for Additive Manufacturing

Synthesis of a biomimetic medical polymer

Integration of smart functional additives into polymers

Fraunhofer IGCV

ACCURACY: Multi-material processing with CS and PBF-LB/M

Processing Tungsten for EUROfusion