ForNextGen - Additive multi-material tool making

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  • Adaptability of the additive manufacturing process for the production of optimized tools and mold inserts
  • Examples include tool molds and tool inserts in multi-material constructions with long-term coating to increase the endurance.
  • A basic body is build with injection moulding from 1.2709 tooling steel. CCZ (Copper) is added at two different component areas to increase the heat dissipation. With these inset cooling structures made with high thermal conductivity materials, it is possible to improve the heat balance and thus decrease the cycle time.





Anstaett, Christine; Seidel, Christian (2016): Multi-Material Processing. Next step in laser-based powder bed fusion. In: Laser Technik Journal (4), zuletzt geprüft am 16.11.2016


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