Solutions for man and machine

Using nature as a model, researchers develop ideas and products that can be specifically adapted to environmental conditions. In this way, the behavior of mechanical structures can be specifically influenced: Reducing weight, increasing stiffness or actively controlling the shape. The right design methodology, applied in early phases of the development process, delivers major advances in terms of product quality.

From the concept idea to the prototype to the product release, the alliance institutes support you in the design and method-supported product and process development:

  • Product design - Bionic and aesthetic design as well as
  • Product development - Methods and tools.

The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing supports you in the design and optimization of your (new) products, in the application and company-related adaptation of modern virtual and physical prototypes, and in the design of your production processes.

Project examples of the research topic Engineering


Additively manufactured aircraft component optimized for lightweight construction

Optimal layout for functionally graded materials

Approaches for the development of small satellites

Optimal layout of an artificial vascular system with additive manufacturing

SimuGen - Additive manufacturing of lightweight structures

Additively manufactured miniature heat exchanger

MUGETO® - Functionally integrated implant

HiperFormTool - High performance tools for sheet metal forming

GenFly - Additive manufacturing of lightweight components

Optimized 3D gear

Lightweight construction of gear wheels using PBF-LB/M