Optimized 3D gear

Overview of multi-material additive manufacturing and implementation of in-situ carburizing for gears with a variably case hardening depth (CHD).

In the current research project, the findings on additive manufacturing of gears are being expanded. To this purpose, the load-bearing capacity of additively manufactured gears (laser powder bed fusion of 16MnCr5) with lightweight optimization of the gear hubs is being investigated in greater depth. Surface optimization of the gear tooth base and in-situ carburization with variable case hardening depths will be carried out. 


Initial situation

· Gears offer potential for lightweight construction by saving mass in the powertrain or by increasing the density of power. 

· Design of an efficient drive train is possible due to higher power density (45% weight reduction).


Project goals:

· Design of lightweight construction and gearing (up to 60% weight reduction)

· Manufacturing and testing of lightweight gears

· Design and test of surface treatments

· Investigation of multi-material additive manufacturing for the implementation of a variable case hardening depth by means of in-situ carburization



Schmitt, Matthias; Gottwalt, Albin; Winkler, Jakob; Tobie, Thomas; Schlick, Georg; Stahl, Karsten et al. (2021b): Carbon Particle In-Situ Alloying of the Case-Hardening Steel 16MnCr5 in Laser Powder Bed Fusion. In: Metals 11 (6), S. 896. DOI: 10.3390/met11060896.


Dr.-Ing. Georg Schlick, georg.schlick@igcv.fraunhofer.de, +49 821 90678-179