Design of functional materials

pantographically structured functional materials
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Pantographic materials are modeled as functional materials, additively manufactured and tested.

The flexibility and freedom of additive manufacturing offers new potential for the structuring and design of functional materials.

The incremental material generation (typical for additive manufacturing) enables the individual manipulation of material characteristics on sub-scales.

This allows for the selective influence of metallurgy in metals along with the generation of geometric, mechanical, and material-scientific characteristics in several scale levels.

The pantographically structured materials present an enormous potential concerning increased elasticity and elongation at break – up to 10x higher as the raw material.

Continuative application potentials for technical solutions are analyzed.



Spagnuolo, M., Pfaff, A., et al. „Qualitative pivot damage analysis in aluminum printed pantographic sheets: numerics and experiments”, Mechanics Research Communications, 2017


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