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NEWS 2.22

Newsletter 2.11 von Fraunhofer ADDITIV
© Copyright Fraunhofer

Included in this issue:

  • Beyond the ready-to-print doctrine
  • In-situ integration of sensors with AM
  • Cold Spray AM - a novel approach for multi-material parts
  • Small, yet powerfull with LMM
  • Surface functionalization: Precisely fitting bone implants
  • »POWDERscreen« detects powder particles
  • SEAM - High-Speed 3D printing for large-size polymer components 
  • CerAM MMJ - Multi AM of High-Performance Materials
  • 3D-Printed Eye Prosthesis
  • Ready-to-use technical ceramics
  • 3D Printed Components for Circularity

Newsletter [PDF 24 MB]

Newsletter [PDF 6,1 MB]


NEWS 2.21

title page NEWS 2.21
© Copyright Fraunhofer

Included in this issue:

  • AM Combustion Chamber and AM Grinding Wheel
  • LMM and MoldJet®
  • Metal Binder Jetting
  • LPBF with Laser Modulation
  • Tailored Laser Powder Bed Fusion
  • AM Hardmetals in Practice
  • Functionalization of Ceramic AM Components
  • Solutions for Novel Materials
  • Functional Integration in Additively Manufactured Plastic Components
  • Smart Gear
  • CastAutoGen
  • GraMMaCAD
  • POWDERscreen
  • LIsec
  • Mobile Factory for Decentralized AM
  • Customized Series Production through MBJ


Newsletter [2,1 MB]

Newsletter [16 MB]

NEWS 1.21

Included in this issue:

  • Express Wire Coil Cladding
  • Additive Manufacturing of Pure Copper
  • Adaptive Processing
  • MoldJet® Printing System
  • Ultrafast 3D Printing
  • Structurally Integrated Heatpipes
  • Virtual Lab
  • Programmable Materials
  • QIH 15L Top
  • Sensor Integration
  • AM of Steels
  • CoolGear
  • Ex One 25 Pro
  • TopCladd
  • All-HC


Newsletter [PDF 9.2 MB]

Newsletter [PDF 13.9 MB]

Press releases

Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance since the beginning of 2021 under a new name

Since the beginning of the year, the "Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance" has continued its work as the "Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing" in a proven manner.

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Fraunhofer vs. Corona

© Medical goes Additive e.V.

The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing is participating in the "3D Printing Fights Corona" initiative as a partner of the Medical goes Additive network.

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