Process development for additive multi-material fabrication

Multimaterial chess rook
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  • extension of the known laser-beam-melting-process with a paste-extrusion-process
  • form a cavity with laser beam melting, from which the powder is being removed
  • bring the paste in this cavity
  • thermally debind the paste and sinter or melt the powder content of the paste
  • repeat this process until the final part is finished
  • avoid intermixing and contamination of starting material: powder and paste
  • it is possible to insert more than one more material


Possible Applications:

  • tooling: insert highly thermally conductive components (copper-inserts) in filigree tool domains, which cannot be provided with a cooling channel
  • integration of functions: e.g. integration of conducting paths incl. isolation, insert directly manufactured sensors/actuators, magnetic materials, etc.



strategic research / AGENT-3D_ProAMM


 ISAM 2017 (poster), Rapid.Tech 2017 (talk)




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