Peripherals, process chains and subsequent processes

The sole introduction of additive manufacturing technology into production is no longer enough. Rather, it requires a comprehensive implementation of additive logic in the entire production chain - from pre-planning and design through to further development and adaptation of systems and materials. The tasks are manifold and complex.

Automation of additive technologies

In addition to the core process of printing, the additive processes in production require the integration of upstream and downstream steps. These often include automated handling of materials and components, cleaning and quality control, for example using image processing systems. Process reliability and process reproducibility are central criteria in the development of new applications.

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Hybrid machining technologies

The institutes of the competence field develop hybrid processing technologies for the machining and sheet metal forming of difficult-to-machine materials. The process organization allows the complete machining of complex shaped components. Even with small batch sizes and a large number of variants, flexible and efficient production is possible.

The work of the institutes of the competence field includes the development of new applications based on customer specifications (material adaptation, geometry, cost-effectiveness, product quality and environmental conditions). This applies both the development and optimization of individual components and subsystems as well as the construction of complete production plants.