Production - from idea to market launch

When developing a product, companies are confronted with rapidly changing markets. For holistic production processes, it is important to analyze precisely all processes and technologies involved in the product lifecycle - from product development to production and logistics. Moreover, production processes have to be optimally synchronized with one another.

The institutes of the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing develop new applications by considering all current additive manufacturing technologies. In addition, we offer special systems and comprehensive hardware and software solutions for the following processes:

  • Laser-based processes - metals and plastics,
  • 3D printing technologies - ceramics and photopolymers as well as
  • Process chains and subsequent processes.

The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing offers you well-engineered and reproducible processes as well as individually adapted systems for your applications and products.

Project examples of the research topic Technology


ForNextGen - Additive multi-material tool making

Metallic components in small batch production

ProFex - Process chain for the production of highly complex turbine parts

Generative laser wire cladding

GIHSL - Fabrication of lattice structures by laser beam melting

HP3D - Additive manufacturing of large parts

MultiBeam - Multimaterial processing via additive manufacturing

Advanced Casting Cell

Additively manufactured hydrogen combustion chamber

A Process for Saving Resources in the Production of Drive Shafts

Geometry- and application-adapted LPBF process control

Scalable LPBF machine concept

Metal Binder Jetting for serial production

Additive manufacturing of individualised sensors

Toolchain for inkjet-based 3d-printing of dental implants

bioXXprint - A printer for bio-based foam structures

AMCC Line - metallic spare parts with FFF

DONE 3D: Precise High Frequency Components by 3D-lithography

Life-Cycle Assessment of LPBF

Sensor based process control in laser powder bed fusion

Electrohydrodynamic jet printing

Inkjet Technology for Functional Printing

MMAM-Flow/Multi-material AM of advanced flow probes

MADE-3D - Multi-Material Design using 3D Printing

AluWireLMP | Liquid metal printing of aluminum alloys