ACCURACY: Multi-material processing with CS and PBF-LB/M

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The picture shows a cold-sprayed sample in which both materials were sprayed with equal proportions.

In the ACCURACY research project, multi-material processing with the two technologies---cold spray and laser powder bed fusion---is examined comparatively. The project focuses on determining material process parameters and the systematic improvement of the additive process. 

In the field of cold spray, the nickel-based alloy 2.4668 (also referred to as Inconel 718®) is processed with the copper alloy CW106C to form dense (>99%) composite samples in any mixing ratio. This combination of materials is particularly important in aerospace applications, such as rocket liners. With the results obtained, producing a precisely defined material transition zone for these multi-material high-performance components is now possible.

In laser powder bed fusion, Fraunhofer IGCV was able to make significant progress in terms of process robustness and the resulting quality of the components. One focus lies on the defect-free execution of material joining zones. In addition, a powder separation system was successfully integrated into the existing plant technology, enabling the resource-saving and economical production of large-volume multi-material components.



Philipp Kindermann et al. "Additive Manufacturing of Alloy 718 using Cold Spray – current state and challenges", 28th ColdSprayClub Meeting, Dublin 2023

Timo Schröder et al. "Investigation of the Potentials and Current Limitations of Multi-material Manufacturing of Metals by Powder Bed Fusion based on a Copper and Steel Material Combination", World PM 2022, Lyon


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