Metallic components in small batch production

SLM system EOS M400
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Metallic components of max. dimensions of up to 400 mm³ or batch productions of medium sized components, respectively, are manufactured on a commercial SLM system of the newest generation (EOS M400).

An increase of component dimensions and the parallel manufacture of numerous components lead to new questions regarding process control and quality assessment.

The exposure strategy dependent resource consumption was considered in regards to process time, material-, and energy demand.

Findings from distortion analyses allow the suitable manufacturing of components under the consideration of process limitations regarding large-volume components.

The surface qualities and material homogeneity were assessed with the help of laserscanning microscopes and µCT measurements and were analyzed under the influence of thermal treatment.

Models of optimal process control in regards to conflict interactions during the process of batch productions were developed.

The newly developed approach enables a component-specific manufacture parameter choice for optimized results and adapted material performance.

Furthermore, economic analyses of production costs and usage of resources in the manufacture are carried out.



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